Aromatherapy lavender field

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Imagine that you are in a field of lavender, a pine forest, or a grove of citrus trees. Inhale deeply. Aahh…

Flowers, trees, fruits, grasses and other plants are nature’s living energies – gifts to us for natural healing. Have you ever rubbed a rose petal between your hands and relaxed simply by inhaling the lovely scent? Or crushed pine needles to breathe in the invigorating aroma? You just created your own essential oil.

Aromatherapy drop

Image by Plume Ploume from Pixabay

Using the aromatic molecules of essential oils to assist in creating the mood we want is called Aromatherapy. Many people love using aromatherapy during their sessions to enhance their experience. Aromatherapy can be used at almost any time:

  • When you first come in, to relax and unwind
  • During a breathwork, Reiki Cranial Fascia or hypnotherapy session,  to deepen your experience
  • At the conclusion of your session, to re-invigorate your energy

Aromatherapy is included in your session for no additional cost. It is my gift to you for healing!

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