Breathwork Therapy


One way to break up any kind of tension is good deep breathing.

~ Lord Byron Nelson

Breathwork Therapy allows one to quickly move beyond thinking or analyzing to clear and release the source of blocks and difficulties.

Most of us are familiar with how our breath becomes shallow and tight when we are frightened or stressed.  This tightness locks the stress or trauma into the cells of the body.

Breath Release Therapy

Breathwork Therapy takes you to the source of these blockages.  You may access memories of a recent trauma, one from your childhood, your own birth (this is often called “re-birthing” or “birth regression”), or even a past life. Re-experiencing these events allows you to take your own power back, and to clear and release the emotions and energy that had been stuck there.

Most people then move into a spontaneous experience of blissful oneness with Spirit.

You know that our breathing is the inhaling and exhaling of air. The organ that serves for this is the lungs that lie round the heart, so that the air passing through them thereby envelops the heart. Thus breathing is a natural way to the heart. And so, having collected your mind within you, lead it into the channel of breathing through which air reaches the heart and, together with this inhaled air, force your mind to descend into the heart and to remain there.

Nicephorus the Solitary


Image by Alfonso Cerezo from Pixabay