Opening your chakras and allowing cosmic energies to flow through your body will ultimately refresh your spirit and empower your life. ~ Barbara Marciniak


Chakra balancing (also called chakra cleansing or chakra clearing) was once known by only a few students of spiritual mysteries. Then it was practiced by holistic healers in wellness centers. Now there even are brick-and-mortar stores that specialize in this gentle yet powerful process. Chakra balancing has reached what we call the ‘Tipping Point’ – a point in time when a group—or many group members—rapidly and dramatically changes its behavior by widely adopting a previously rare practice.

There’s good reason that chakra balancing has become accepted. It’s an easy way to smooth out emotional – and even physical – imbalances. People report that they feel deeply relaxed and peaceful while they are receiving chakra balancing, and take that peace back out into their lives. When we are peaceful, everything else seems to go more smoothly.

So what is ‘Untold Secret of Chakra Balancing’? It is that chakra balancing, as wonderful as it is on its own, is not always enough to anchor the inner peace we want so much. Sometimes we need to support it with counseling.

Think of a room that has smoke in it from a candle burning or a dish that got overcooked. We can open a window and turn on the fans – that will clear the room and it will be easy to breathe again. But if the smoke comes from a flaw in the furnace, opening the windows and turning on the fans is only a temporary fix. Without addressing the root cause, the room will soon fill up with smoke again.

Likewise, if we have a relatively minor imbalance such as situational stress, chakra balancing can smooth it out, re-establishing harmonious chakras, relaxed body, calm emotions and a clear mind. If, however, we have more pervasive, problematic patterns from trauma or other deeper causes, chakra balancing likely can give us only temporary relief. Without addressing those root causes, the imbalances will return, like the smoke from a flawed furnace.

What I have experienced in my practice is that when we combine chakra balancing with counseling, we are able to both ‘clear the room’ and clear the cause. The synergy of the two together is powerful and long-lasting.

It’s a win-win.


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