Events – Ayurvedic Wellness for the Highly Sensitive Person

Saturday, Oct. 5

2:00 – 4:00 pm

An intimate gathering

Learn Nurturing, Centering and

Ancient Rituals from Ayurveda

Experience how to use the five senses to:

  • reduce overwhelm

  • get grounded

  • be more resilient to over-stimuli

  • reduce stress

  • sleep better

  • improve digestion

We will be accessing our five senses via:

Sound Therapy: Mantra and Meditation – together we will start with Silence and Gentle Sound.

Touch Therapy: Learn Self-Marma Point Therapy using Ayurvedic Herbal Transdermal Creams. You will learn how to do Self Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Self Massage RItual to reduce overwhelm and stay balanced during the day).

Taste Therapy: Using the 6 tastes to balance the mind body elements and improve digestion and elimination with spices and teas.

Aroma Therapy: Using the sense of smell through either spices, oils, or flowers to evoke memory of balance and wholeness producing calmness and groundedness.

Visual Therapy: Creating an environment that supports and nurtures the sensitive self.

Understanding of the Koshas (the five layers of awareness that veil the Atman, or true Self) and Subtle Body, Pragyaparad – the cause of suffering according to Ayurveda and Smriti (regaining memory of wholeness) with use of Ayurvedic Scripture.

Meet your facilitator:

Bonita Carol has been an Ayurveda Health Practitioner since 1989 and helps sensitive people to deal with a non sensitive world.

Class is just $35 – save your seat soon.

Held at:

A Healing Soul, Ltd.

555 W. Central Road

Hoffman Estates, IL 60192