Events – Inspire Romance with Aromatherapy

Inspire Romance with Aromatherapy

Edgar Cayce Holistic Center
259 E Central Road, Des Plaines Il 60016
(847) 299 – 6535

Join us @ the Edgar Cayce Holistic Center for a fun filled, hands on and very informative session.

During this session we learn how to open our hearts and celebrate relationships of all kinds with love, joy and fulfillment.

You will learn which essential oils:

  • Clear blocks

  • Enhance your energy field for more effective manifestation

  • Support healthy relationships

  • Inspire romance

You will experience:

  • The beautiful aromas of essential oils

  • A guided meditation through your chakras, using essential oils to clear, balance and energize each chakra for healthy relationships

Join us for a fun and informative afternoon – You’ll be glad you did!

What students say about this class

Great info along with smelling the essential oils. (Liked) Sharing how the oils work with your brain and your body. Loved it ~JW

Loved loved loved the meditation. Liked being able to ask questions. Liked the no hurry style of teaching. ~Jackie