EVENTS – Intro to Crystal Grid Layouts

Intro to Crystal Grid Layouts

Friday, Oct. 11

6:30 – 9:00 pm

Just $35!

A highly experiential time!

Experience the power of sending your intentions to the Universe with a crystal grid.  In this experiential class, you will learn about the various types of crystal grids and how they can help you.

  • Basic Grid construction

  • Choosing crystals and underlying geometric shapes to help you with abundance, energy, health, manifesting, etc.

  • How to choose a shape, size, color, and other components of a grid

  • How to begin construction of a crystal grid

    • Which crystals are placed first

    • Which crystals are removed first

  • How to activate a grid

  • How to clean a long-term grid

  • How to set up a quick, temporary grid

  • Different types of grids

    • Tabletop grids

    • Grids as part of a crystal body layout

    • Grids in nature

    • Simple grids or complex grids

Meet your facilitator

Janel Olson

Janel has been working with Angels, Crystals and many other energy and spiritual modalities for more than 10 years.  She has obtained several Crystal certifications over the years and she is a certified Akashic Record Reader, certified Reiki practitioner, certified Angel Card Reader, as well as having many other classes and certifications to her credit.  She frequently combines the energy from the Akashic Record with her Angel Card readings to expand the intuitive connection with the Spiritual Realm. 

She offers Intuitive Crystal Energy Healing and/or Chakra Balancing sessions and teaches many classes about Crystals, Gemstones, Sacred Geometry, Angels and Meditation. 

In addition, she hand picks crystals and gemstones with exceptionally good energy for other people. Specially chosen crystals and gemstones are also offered for sale at special events or by appointment.