Events – Thurs, Nov. 21 – The Intuitive Hour and Gift of Gong

Thursday, Nov. 21, 2019

The Intuitive Hour and The Gift of Gong


Be enlightened!

Come for support with spiritual messages to help you understand your spiritual essence…

and enjoy renewal through sound healing.



The Intuitive Hour, 6:00 – 7:30 pm. A sharing circle of intuitive readings, channeled guidance and discussion. Receive two personalized intuitive messages: one from Lisa Gniady’s Soul Reflections channel and one from Susan Atchison’s Loving Insights readings.

Just $25 pre-pay through the day before ($30 if register or walk in the day of the event)


The Gift of Gong, 7:45 – 8:45 pm. A relaxing time for Gong, drum, rattle, chimes and more. Lisa will also lead us through a spiritual activation. Just $25 pre-pay through the day before ($30 if register or walk in the day of the event)



Both! Register for both and save $6! Just $44 pre-pay through the day before. Must be pre-registered to attend both.




Enjoy this sample of Lisa Gniady playing the singing bowls and gong.


Lisa Gniady plays gong and singing bowls, 100 mb



Lisa Gniady playing gong and music. Come to the Midwest Yoga and Kirtan Fest, Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Wisconsin. Today until Saturday

Posted by Lisa Nomikos on Friday, September 21, 2018



Limited spaces – register now!

Held at:

A Healing Soul, Ltd.

555 W. Central Road

Hoffman Estates, IL 60192


Listen to Lisa Gniady play her soothing ‘tank drum’ while she guide participants back from their deep Gong relaxation

2017, 11-30 – Lisa G plays tank drum, 27 secs

Meet your facilitators

Lisa Gniady

Certified Kundalini Yoga instructor

Soul Reflections channeled readings


Susan L. Atchison

Founder, A Healing Soul, Ltd.

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

Certified Aromatherapist

Crystal healing practitioner

Loving Insights intuitive messages


I feel recharged, revived and refreshed. This is exactly what I needed. ~ Lisa N.

[Liked] The energy in the room, the readings, the gong and peaceful vibe in the room throughout the event. ~ AnnMarie Day

[Liked] The open atmosphere, kind-hearted people, very friendly. ~ Agatha Nelson

[A] chance to relax and recenter myself. The readings and the gong are amazing. ~ Carrie Dodt


I liked everything! I enjoyed the affirmations and the meditation. Sound is important to me, I loved the chimes and the bowl over my body, it resonated in my soul.  ~ Stephanie P.


The group was very warm & open & inviting. The intuitive readings given by both Lisa & Susan were amazing: unique, personal & accurate. I loved the experience of the gong bath & the entire evening. ~ Kasia P


Kundalini yoga, personalization readings, group energy, awesome experience. Will be back. Really needed. ~ Sue M.


Readings were a nice addition & a wonderful experience added to. ~ Pam L.


An integrative & peaceful experience. ~ Lauren


Relaxing – a truly unique experience. ~ Courtney Milligan


This was such a loving experience. True source energy flowing through entire space which is due to the leaders holding the space of love and healing.


 Listening to the gong – the readings – insight on the meanings of your reading. ~ Amy K


I felt a lot lighter afterwards my anxiety lifted. I know now what I have to do. ~ Ashley CMA


What great energy! The gong’s vibrations moved my body and more importantly, my spirit. At the perfect moment, my special blend of essential oils helped move my spirit into a calmer place. ~ Deanna


Your and Lisa’s readings are such a wonderful gift. Bless you and thank you very much. The combinations of the gong, your selection of healing aromas and the mantras are very powerful. Thank you! ~ Irene


Thanks for the wonderful Energy get together! It was very powerful & effective!! Everything vibrated in harmony!! You know when a musician reaches Mastery is when his instrument talks!!The gong was talking (Aligning the Soul & Ego) !!! WOW!!!! With Love & Appreciation ~ Emmett Sylvester



Loved the gong & its healing + opening up energy pathways. The messages were spot on! Both Susan and Lisa. Thank you for an awesome experience – my body feels more alive, my spirit cleansed. ~ Irene


I felt negative energy flowing out of my body and a sense of calmness. ~ Julie B.


The interactions between all participants. The added insights were so impactful and relief of stress. My body came alive with the gong.~ Mercedes M.


Friendly and informal. It felt safe. ~ TJG


It was relaxing, stress relieving, made me feel like everything is okay right now and that’s all that matters. ~ W.


Releasing, empowering, relaxing ~ Barb W.


Peaceful ~ Lucy Rempas


Friendly atmosphere, Kundalini got my energy flowing & breath regulated. Love the gong always! ~ Mary Ann Latsaras 


Older events


The combination of sound vibrations and personalized oils was exceptionally relaxing.  I felt my fears release & my soul’s messages come through beautifully. ~ Irene C.

The space was beautiful and relaxing. The vibration of the gong was very very relaxing. ~ NC


“(I liked) The entire process of the day. The movement & gong & the heavenly scents.  Thank you!”


“So relaxing! Felt like I slept forever. I was disappointed for it to end.”


Very unique & beautiful & creative. ~ Vivian W.


I enjoyed movement before gong, fell into deep meditative state immediately.  The oils enhance the release work and deepen all processes.  Once again an amazing day.  I feel so grounded, open, healing. It was a spiritual spa day! ~ Wendy


The gentleness of the movement was as the breeze through the trees and as the oils wafted through the room I was transformed and became one with the sound of the gong. Amazing! I would definitely do it again. ~ Mary Ann Latsaras


Very well taught & paced.  So powerful!  Loved the essential oil experience during gong (it felt as if my crown chakra just blew open). ~ Natalia Pascal


I feel like I received deeply – I feel more ‘put together’ – my heart feels FULL and sweetly peaceful and more in peaceful strength. ~ Maria