Fees, Insurance, Policies


Your investment in yourself is $110 per hour.

For some people, a one-hour session is just right. We can get a lot done in an hour!

Others find a great benefit in scheduling a longer session. Many people find that 1-1/2 hours or even two hours feels just right.

Imagine…plenty of time to relax, be listened to and feel heard, and freedom to access your deepest healing. Breathe deeply as you realize that you can accomplish so much in one session that you will be able to space your appointments and have more free time in between. Compare this to rushing to frequent appointments where you are finished almost as soon as you begin. Consider experiencing space, time, freedom.


I choose not to take insurance; however, I will gladly provide you with a receipt that you can submit for reimbursement. If you need to use your insurance, please be sure to call your company first to find out if you need pre-authorization, how many sessions they will cover, and the reimbursement rate for seeing an LCPC (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor).


No charge if you cancel more than 24 hours in advance. For cancellations given less than 24 hours in advance, there will be a charge equal to 50% of whatever the session fee would have been. Remember that I am reserving this time for you, and that a late cancel means that another person who may have needed healing was not able to come in.