Rejuvenate Yourself

Photon Light Therapy promotes growth, repair and rejuvenation at the cellular and molecular level.  This light therapy is provided through the ‘DreamSpa’ Photon Energy System, which uses advanced LED lightwaves and Brainwave Entrancement to recharge your internal batteries.

The DreamSpa Photon Energy System is designed to nurture your well-being at the deepest core of your biology.  Light energy is the “missing link” in the big picture of optimum health and longevity. You can have the best Diet, the best Exercise, the best Doctor and Health Care program, the best Attitude in the world, and there has always been a “missing link.”


Light Therapy


  • Improve Mental Clarity
  • Increase Energy
  • Elevate Mood
  • Soothe Stress
  • Relieve Muscle Aches
  • Support Deep & Restful Sleep
  • Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Enhance Youthfulness
  • Enjoy Profound Relaxation & Renewed Well-Being
  • Safe – Affordable – Natural

Tell me more about these LED LIGHTWAVES

The DreamSpa uses the 3 wave lengths – Deep Red, Ultra Blue, and Near Infra Red – that are the most studied wave lengths in phototherapy research.

The Near Infra Red (870 nm) wavelength is the most well studied in phototherapy history. Near Infra Red is the deepest penetrating and is very good for muscle relaxation and deep healing.

The Deep Red (670 nm) is very energizing, regenerative and restorative to the human body. These wave lengths, especially the deep red, have been shown to support the immune system in what is called today an anti-aging effect. Your body needs energy in order to repair at faster rate, like that of a younger person. True anti-aging is not about the number of years of your life – it is about the quality of life in your years.

The Ultra Blue (470 nm) is very calming, and is probably the most studied wavelength in mood altering, jet lag, SAD and profound stress relief around the world today. It is also used to help people retrain themselves to sleep normally again.


Our brains move between these four states:

Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.

‘Hertz’ refers to the number of cycles per second.

We spend most of our awake time in Beta, which as you can see is the ‘busiest’ brainwave state.

Relaxing activities such as napping, massages, or meditation give us such a rested feeling because they move us into a slower brainwave state.



The DreamSpa photon-energy system offers the optional ‘Brainwave Entrancement’ mode, which is designed to help your brain move from Beta through Alpha and into restorative Theta brainwave states.  You are likely to feel as though you’d just had a very restful, rejuvenating nap.

Beta: 14 – 30 (some say 15-40) Hz

The level that our brains are typically on in this busy life – everyday thoughts, plans, and worries.  Too much time in ‘busy thoughts’ can result in brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, and loss of quality of life.


Alpha: 9-13 Hz

In the first 10 minutes of each DreamSpa session, the Brainwave Entrancement program relaxes your brainwaves to a slower pace, allowing a soothing relaxation and calming sensation in mind and body.  This is where disciplined meditators try to go.

Theta: 4-8 Hz

In the second 10 minutes of each DreamSpa session using the Brainwave Entrancement option, your brainwaves are entranced to approximately 8 cycles Theta (which is difficult even for advanced meditators, because they are still awake).  Only by drifting into a sleep state at 8 cycles Theta do you enter into profound stress relief and mental clarity as your brain begins to deeply rest.


All you need to do is to book an appointment.

(The fine print: because the DreamSpa uses lights that alternate on and off, it should not be used by anyone with a history of seizure disorder.)

Wear comfortable clothes.

You may choose whichever of the five programs appeals to you.  (See below for descriptions of the five programs.)

You’ll simply relax on my massage table, with whatever blankets, bolsters, warm stones, etc. help you to feel the most comfortable.

Enhance your experience with a selection of relaxing music heard through quality Bose headphones if you choose.

I will turn on the DreamSpa and, depending on your preference, sit quietly with you or retire to the outer room during your session.

Each session lasts 30 minutes and is like having a deep meditation or restful nap.

The DreamSpa offers you five different programs.

Benefits are progressive and enhanced with repeated use.

The Renew, Blue Calm, and Body Relief programs offer you an additional option of ‘Brainwave Entrancement” – designed to help your brain move from a busy, everyday state of mind (‘Beta’ brainwaves) to a relaxed and restorative ‘Theta’ brainwave state.

Renew Program: offers facial and cosmetic aspects as well as energy renewal and regeneration.

Blue Calm Program: feels like you’ve had the most wonderfully restful nap, may help you to sleep deeper so you feel more rested, also gives relief from jet lag, winter blues and stress.

Body Relief Program: works great to relieve physical tension, discomfort and body aches.

Hair and Scalp Program: may bring new life to your hair and scalp and is said to stimulate the energy meridians on the scalp .  Some people have experienced their hair darkening again and even new hair growth.

Hand Program:  helps lighten age spots, promotes nail growth and may help relieve stiffness and aches in the hands.



Individual sessions:  $50.00

The appointment will be approximately 45 minutes:

In the first minutes you’ll take your coat and shoes off, choose your program and music, then get settled on the massage table.

The next 30 minutes will be enjoying your DreamSpa session, which is like having a deep meditation or restful nap.  Benefits are progressive and enhanced with continued use.

The final few minutes are used to re-enter the everyday world:  get your shoes, make another appointment, etc.