Events – MEMO AbunDANCE Playshop

Did you get the  MEMO?

Moving Energy to Manifest Outcomes!

Manifesting your desired outcomes is fun and effective when you get the MEMO!

We’ll use simple yet powerful techniques to power up our manifestation, based on these truths:

  • We create and maintain by moving energy

  • Thoughts are electrical energy, and can be harnessed to bring power to our lives

  • You can move more energy by adding motion and emotion to the process

In this fun ‘Playshop,’ you’ll experience:

  • Identifying and releasing blocks

  • Easy and effective energy techniques to power up your manifestation

  • Individual and group support

And more!

  • We’ll provide aromatherapy to help you release blocks and call in abundance

Saturday, Nov. 10

4:00 – 5:30 pm

Just $15 to power up your manifestation!


Beginners welcome –  No experience necessary!


What previous attendees said:

Fun & creative!  ~ Linda Pawlisz