Welcome to this sacred healing space.

You’ll enter into the spacious outer room, with a cozy fireplace.

Help yourself to water or hot tea.


Across from the fireplace is the Oasis corner.

Here you will find photos of one of my spiritual teachers, Sri Karunamayi. (‘Sri’ means ‘revered’ and ‘Karunamayi’ means ‘Mother of Compassion.’) She is in the photo on the tall table in the corner. See the white circle over her face? That is her spiritual aura; it showed up when the photo was developed. Buddha keeps a calm presence in this Oasis corner also. The water fountain helps to keep healthy energy circulating.



Next, you’ll enter the ‘Inner Sanctum’ – our therapy room.

When people first come through this door, they often pause and take a deep, relaxing breath.

One client said, “I feel so safe here.”

When I asked why, she replied as she snuggled into thee sofa pillows,

It’s like a nest.”

Come in, take your shoes off, and relax on the sofa. From here you can see out the door to the fireplace. You also can enjoy the Christopher Robin quote on the wall over the massage table.

Once we’ve talked and you are ready for your hypnotherapy, breathwork, Reiki Cranial Fascia or energy session, you’ll move to the comfortable massage table. Here you’ll have your choice of pillows, bolsters, blankets, warm packs – even a teddy bear – to create the level of comfort that feels just right for you.

As peaceful and serene as my office is, it is also set up for you to release emotional and physical blocks if you choose. (See Client Comments for clients’ experiences.)

Many people find it wonderfully liberating to be able to physically move to shake off stuck or blocked energy. Some might like to stomp, to throw pillows, or even to dance! There is a collection of large pillows for this. Once your old energy is released, you may wish to re-connect with your Inner Child. The teddy bear, yarn doll, and puppy all are great to represent this part of you. They are very much loved!

The goal for most of us is to experience more joy in life, so the ‘LAUGH’ sign is a good inspiration for that.