Past Life Therapy

Do you have unexplained emotional reactions to certain people?

Or maybe ‘irrational’ fears, phobias or other emotions?

Perhaps you’ve even experienced physical symptoms for which no one has been able to find a cause.

Past Life Therapy

Maybe it’s not from this lifetime.

Intense feelings or even physical reactions from traumas or death in a prior life can follow you into this life, resulting in reactions such as fears, phobias, anger and other emotions. You may experience intense, unexplained reactions to certain people or situations (such as being in a small room or afraid of water or fire). Or, you may have physical symptoms such as pain or even cravings for which you have not been able to find a cause.

You can shed light on these issues, and even release them, with a Past Life therapy session.

In a Past Life therapy session, utilizing the gentle, safe yet powerful modality of hypnotherapy, you will be guided back to the source of your primary issue. For instance, if you have an unexplained pain in your back, you may find yourself going to a situation in which you were stabbed, lanced, or shot in your back. This trauma has been in your energy field. By bringing it to your consciousness, you will be able to process what had been stuck there.  Perhaps you were betrayed by a friend, literally stabbed in the back. (You might know this soul in your current life and always feel uneasy with her or him.) Or maybe you were shot in a war or other attack. By understanding what happened and acknowledging and releasing the physical and emotional pain that you experienced at the time, you may find that the symptoms you had been carrying are resolved, freeing you to live a more peaceful life.