Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Breathwork & Chakra Cleansing Testimonials


“You helped me create a magical day today. I actually did what you said and can’t thank you enough for your intervention. Whatever you did was amazing, just literally extraordinary. So thank you so much.” – Dr. M.M.


“Finally, I felt like I found someone to truly listen and care about me. Susan’s sessions last for two hours, so I never felt like I was rushed in and out.” – Georgiana


“Last year I was miserable, and not sure what to do about it. Your consultation gave me the courage to begin the change that I had been so anxious about. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to take the first steps.” – Robert R.


“Susan’s unconditional presence gave me the safety to work at a deep level with issues that had kept me stuck for a long time.  Her ability to use her intuition, insightful mind, and wonderful heart combined to give me the opportunity to really move to the next step in my life. Susan’s creative flexibility allowed us to work together in ways that were utterly comfortable for me, yet I came away feeling I’d truly transformed my problem. I felt a trust with Susan that gave me the chance to stop resisting looking at the tings I needed in order to move forward with my life. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of an opportunity to work with this exceptionally experienced and open-hearted woman.” – Jean H.


Pain Release


“My heart centered hypnotherapy session with Susan was profound.  I had pain in my abdomen on the left side for months.  Through hypnotherapy with Susan I identified the “source” of my pain, released it and healed that part which stored the pain.  It was a powerful healing session that not only cleared out my physical pain but so much emotional pain became clearer and released.  Thank you” – Sharon P.


“I just wanted to “thank you” again for your work with me. I am aware that there is NO trace of that (negative) energy on my left side.  Wow…a BIG deal!  I felt lighter & clearer these past couple of days and am so grateful!  It’s been amazing, actually.  Thank you for your many gifts & skills.
In gratitude & love,” – Georgia


“I suffered for about two years with pain in my left shoulder and arm that was nearly debilitating. Medical treatment was not effective.  I tried yoga, naprapathy, acupuncture, chiropractic and massage – none of which afforded more than minor relief, and some of which aggravated it.  The baffling thing was that the pain could be ferocious for weeks and then mysteriously gone, for seemingly no reason at all. I decided to give Susan’s therapy a try. Truthfully, I didn’t expect much.  I had no luck with all the other treatments, why should this one work?  And I was scared at what feelings the session might bring up. Susan quickly dispelled all my fears.  I felt so comfortable digging in and saying everything I felt.  The experience was absolutely cathartic.  And the pain was gone. Susan gave me tools to use when faced with the kind of situations that led to the pain manifesting in the first place.  I have learned how to deal with stress and fear and that I can stop the pain myself. I can’t express enough how happy and grateful I am to have had the opportunity to work with Susan.” – Leslie Karr


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Gong Event Testimonials


“This was such a loving experience. True source energy flowing through entire space which is due to the leaders holding the space of love and healing.”

“I felt a lot lighter afterwards – my anxiety felt lifted. I know now what I have to do.” – Ashley CMA

“Thanks for the wonderful Energy get together! It was very powerful & effective!! Everything vibrated in harmony!! You know when a musician reaches Mastery is when his instrument talks!!The gong was talking (Aligning the Soul & Ego) !!! WOW!!!!
With Love & Appreciation.” – Emmett Sylvester

“What great energy! The gong’s vibrations moved my body and more importantly, my spirit. At the perfect moment, my special blend of essential oils helped move my spirit into a calmer place.” – Deanna

“Your and Lisa’s readings are such a wonderful gift. Bless you and thank you very much. The combinations of the gong, your selection of healing aromas and the mantras are very powerful. Thank you!” – Irene

“This was exactly what I needed at this point in my life.” – LP

“I felt negative energy flowing out of my body and a sense of calmness.” – Julie B

“Loved the gong and its healing and opening up energy pathways. The messages were spot on! Both Susan and Lisa. Thank you for an awesome experience – my body feels more alive, my spirit cleansed.” – Irene

“The combination of sound vibrations and personalized oils was exceptionally relaxing. I felt my fears release & my soul’s messages came through beautifully.” – Irene C.

“It never ceases to amaze me how I am transformed each time I attend a session…it’s always a different and amazing experience!” – Mary Ann Latsaras

“I loved the energy that the combination of the chanting, the oils and the gong produced. I was taken into the inside of my soul. The special oil when it was given to me took me to a higher level of joy of understanding of my life. I felt one with all of the earth – ancient; sacred energy.” – Linda Louise


Drum Event Testimonials


“This evening was energizing and fun in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I didn’t know what to expect. A beautiful blend of people and energies. I am leaving completely alive and new.” – Lisa Selby

“People’s stories – How alike we are (people in general) all are.” – unsigned

“Drumming and aromatherapy are great partners! Another opportunity to release old energies, & forgive myself & others, and to live in freedom.” – PJ

“Explosion of energy. A wonderful release! Andre is spectacular.” – Karen

“The ultimate, z best. Forgiving & drumming experience. Thank you for let me b myself.” – unsigned

“Outstanding energy. Loving energy. Great guidance.” – LSG

“Releasing from all: mental, emotional, physical AND SPIRITUAL. I feel fantastic now. Andre is wonderful.” – Gail Bennett

“Well planned & really helpful. Enjoyed our leader. Beautiful drums.” – Sharon F. Kissane, PhD.

“The wonderful energy and kindness of group members. Also appreciated all of the information given about essential oils and drumming. I loved being able to drum and release energy.” – Elaine Z.