Soul Cards

A Picture of many colors proclaims images of many Thoughts. – Donna A. Favors

What are Soul Cards? Soul Cards were created by Deborah Koff-Chapin through her process called, ‘touch drawing’ – by which she uses her fingertips to create pictures that speak to our souls. She has developed these images into two decks of cards, each with 30 different image cards. Images store the most powerful and evocative aspects of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Two people can look at the same image and perceive entirely different meanings in it. Even the same person can look at an image at two different times and perceive different meanings.  
Images allow us to tap into previously unrealized and unexpressed feelings and thoughts. How would Soul Cards be used in a session? First, we would discuss what it is that you would like to make better in your life at this time. Then we focus on relaxation, allowing you to enter into a light trance state. You will decide whether you want to work with Soul Card deck #1, Soul Card deck #2, or both. Next, you will pull three cards, without looking at their pictures. One card represents the Past, one the Present, and one the Future.
You will open your eyes to turn over and look at the Past card.  Although your eyes will be open, your brain will stay in the relaxed, light hypnotic state, allowing you access to your inner self. I’ll ask you questions about what you see in the card, and write your answers down for you. Then we will repeat the process for the Present and Future cards. It is amazing how perfectly each card describes what is going on in the person’s life, and how gently and naturally the progression from the Past through the Present and into the Future cards guides that person from difficulty to resolution.
Your session is completed by bringing you back to a fully awake state of mind, and discussing the meaning of the three cards you chose and explored. You will write down your key insights to take home with you.