Spirit Releasement

Viruses are around us all the time. Generally, we are only susceptible to their influence when our own defense / immune system is weakened (by stress, poor nutrition, lack of rest, etc.)

Energy, entity or spirit attachments are like viruses, taking advantage of a lowered energetic defense system to invade our energy field.
Spirit releasement
Often, these spirits or disembodied entities are simply lost, and have been attracted to the light that they perceive around and within you. Sometimes they do not even realize that their own bodies have died.

When they lodge within someone, they can bring their own set of issues with them, affecting the unwitting host’s well-being. For instance, a spirit who was an alcoholic may try to encourage you to drink alcohol, as she or he would like the taste of it again. A spirit who suffered from a particular illness, such as migraine headaches, may share those headaches with you. Or, a spirit can bring the trauma of their own death – someone who was hanged for speaking out may bring a sore neck or a fear of speaking up.

When your issues stem from spirit attachment, they can be very difficult to resolve with traditional therapy – but generally are quite easy to clear with hypnotherapy and subtle energy techniques.

Some might wonder if a ‘depossession’ is like what is seen on tv or movies – a battle between the ‘exorcist’ and the spirit. In my experience, it is quite the contrary. The way that I have been trained is to simply do therapy with this spirit. Generally this is done as hypnotherapy – in a state of light hypnosis, which allows you more access to your subconscious.

Once we contact the spirit and help him or her to move through whatever trauma they have been carrying, they are most happy to leave your energy field and go to the Light. In fact, spirit releasement is some of my favorite kind or work, because I get to help two souls (theirs and yours) at the same time!