10-year old finds relief from chronic pain

Zoila was the most delightful 10-year old girl you could want to meet.  Her mom, Jeanette, called me and said that Zoila has had chronic pain in her knees for 8 months – pain so bad that she had to give up her beloved soccer and sometimes was even in a wheelchair. They had been to many doctors and had all the MRI’s, CAT scans, etc.  Nothing had relieved the pain. Jeanette asked if I could help.

I said that I didn’t know, but that I would give it a try.  So, they came in.  It turns out that Zoila also had pain behind her ears and in one elbow.

When we asked Zoila’s pain to speak, it began to tell of a traumatic past-life incident.  Over this and the next session, we processed that incident along with some energy work to pull the pain out, and essential oils.  Zoila’s pain went away, and we were all so happy.

A couple of weeks later, though, her knee pain was back.  So they came in again and Zoila processed another past life – again completely relieving her pain.  She was so happy that she wrote me a letter and drew me a picture, which I’d like to share with you.  Zoila and her mom have given complete permission to share this story.

Click here for Zoila’s letter and drawing

Click here to read a letter from Zoila’s Mom, Jeanette

Susan L. Atchison