Zoila’s Mom shares their story

Dear Dear Susan,

As we always tell you, we are truly blessed for having met you (or found you I should say) and we are forever grateful for everything you have done for our family and especially for Zoila, my daughter. She is now 10 and happy and healthy as a child should be, but only because of you. Before we met you, we went through 8 months of pure hell, doctors, treatments, medicines, procedures and no one had a clue as to why she was in so much pain. It was painful for her, she missed so much school and painful for us to watch when we couldn’t do anything about it or anything to help her. The doctors and medicines did not help her at all. Nevertheless, she took all the pills prescribed because we had no other recommendations.

Then I found you via the internet. What a blessing. Your profile suggested that you might be able to help her become pain free. Through your past life therapy, she is as pain-free as a poster child. After her first session, it was remarkable; she was walking with only a little knee pain. After her 4th session, it was all part of history. Her pains had been sent away – back to wherever the pains came from.

You have significant talents – you helped her become pain-free and live the life she was meant to. She has occasional pains now and then and we do not panic anymore because we know who to call. Not the doctors and not the drugstores. We call you. You know what is going on – it may be difficult to comprehend for all us regular folds, but I don’t care. You have healed and taken care of Zoila in more ways than I can count. Whether it is a healing, past life experience, or new spirit, you are very very talented and always know how to handle her “problems” (for lack of a better word ;-).

Again, I feel I don’t have enough or the right words to express how grateful we are to know you and how wonderfully talented you are. My daughter is back in life – full swing – and it is all because of you. Without you we’d still be in pain, on lots of medicines and struggling to get through the day in one piece. You have changed all that in only two months and we are forever grateful. May your life be filled with love, peace and happiness always. You deserve it.

With God’s grace, many good blessings and lots of love,

Jeanette Volquardsen


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Comment from Susan: I hear that the FDA believes that only doctors and drugs or surgery can cure pain, so I cannot claim that anyone else could experience the same or similar results.
My work is done by and through God’s grace.
May God’s grace be given to all who need it.
Susan L. Atchison