Chakra Balancing, Cleansing and Clearing to feel centered and strong

When you want to feel centered and strong again, you will want to choose a Chakra Balancing..


Chakras are centers of energy that are arranged vertically along the spine, from the base of the tailbone to the crown of the head. One of their primary functions is to take in higher vibrational energy from the Universe and transform it (lower the vibrations) so that you can use it.  You might think of them as a kind of electrical transformer.


We have seven main chakras, each of which has a special function and can be linked with what you were learning at each age as you grew up. Knowing what body parts, needs, emotions, and difficulties are associated with each chakra gives us a better understanding of an individual’s issues, problems and challenges.


Understanding how issues are linked to chakras also gives us more opportunities for healing. Since chakras are vibrational energy, each resonates at a particular frequency. Chakras that are out of balance will have too much or too little energy. We can help to balance them by providing them with the right vibrational frequencies, through Reiki, music or tones, colors, lights, gemstones, and essential oils. When you feel balanced and peaceful, life seems easier. You can creatively resolve challenges, calmly speak your truth and genuinely enjoy life.

Chakra Balancing

Your chakra balancing, cleansing and clearing session

You’ll begin by getting comfortable on a massage table. The lights are low and soft music is playing.

If you like to be warm, we’ll use the table warmer. You may also enjoy the warm stones for your hands, heart, shoulders and feet. Many people love my ‘magic blanket’ – so lightweight and yet perfectly warm. Some people naturally run warm, so if you are one, we can skip the warming items and even bring out the cold packs for your comfort.

Crystals will be placed along your chakras. The structured crystalline energy grids of crystals helps to bring your own energy into alignment. During the process, I’ll use pure essential oils, specially chosen to resonate with each chakra,on my hands to raise the vibrational level of the energy.

Chakra balancing is completely energetic – it is done in your auric field, just outside your body. I will begin your chakra balancing by cleansing, clearing and balancing your root chakra and once that is complete, will proceed up to the 2nd, 3rd, etc. After each chakra is balanced, I ensure that your channels are open by sweeping from the root chakra up to whichever chakra was just balanced. Opening the channels is important because chakras are aligned with each other in more than one way. For instance, they support each other in pairs:

  • 1st (root) and 7th (crown)
  • 2nd (sacral) and 5th (brow, or 3rd eye)
  • 3rd (solar plexus) and 5th (throat)
  • The 4th chakra, the heart, is appropriately in the center of it all

Let’s take the solar plexus and throat chakra pairing as an example. The solar plexus chakra is our center of healthy self confidence – how we are in the world. The throat chakra, of course, is our ability to speak our truth. When speaking our truth is based on feeling confident in ourselves, it is easier to do. Conversely, being able to speak our truth helps our self-confidence. As the energy flows from the solar plexus chakra through the heart chakra to the throat chakra, our words will be based in compassion and love.

This is a deeply relaxing process, so it’s best to ensure that you have some quiet time after your session.

What clients say:

“Working with Susan has helped me reach levels of peace and serenity I never thought were possible. The calm and relaxation/de-stress I experience after chakra work is phenomenal.” ~ Joann S.

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